Who Are We?

Teachers are at the center of our education ecosystem and having sebject expert teachers is the primary requirement of schools in today's time.

In India, there is a huge scarcity of expert teachers and there are multitude of reasons for this problem. At Inpeth, we have developed a process which achieves following things concurrently:

  • Following our teaching process leads to holistic development of students irrespective of teacher's subject expertise.
  • With time, teacher also becomes subject expert.

Imagine each of your teachers enters the class as an Expert Teacher.

Digital Content for Teaching

Our content focuses on deep understanding. Inquiries in the content bring excitement in students. Visual aids such as videos, simulations make complex concepts look easy. We promise that using our content, you can make your students Read, Write, Think, Discuss, Ask, and Practice in each class.

Quiz and Analytics

We provide quizzes which help evaluate not only subject understanding but skill development too. Analytics tool provides in-depth insights of student's holistic development.

Self Study Material

Self study is as important as classroom study. We provide Homework, Revision Material, and Daily Tasks for self learning.


Our monitoring tool provides a platform for school management and parents to view classroom activities.


Communicate to single or group of parents with ease.

Attendance Tool

A easy to use attendance tool for better management and reporting. It can be accessed on mobile, tablet, laptop etc.

Free Webpage

A place where schools can boast about their good work.

From Teachers Who Are Using Inpeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does it cost to use the content?
Content is free of cost. For premium accounts, premium features are available at minimum possible cost.

Premium members get following features:

  • Student, Parent, Teacher Dashboards
  • Attendance management
  • Quiz and performance analysis
  • Homework
  • Activity Monitoring.
  • Communication via SMS
  • Reporting to parents
  • Free Publicity
  • Daily Tasks for students