The Wind on Haunted Hill - Section-3

Ghosts in the haunted house

Learner's Guide


In the previous session, we have learnt that Usha was returning from market after seeing clouds.



In this session, we will learn following things:

    • How did Usha able to reach home in rain?
    • What happened when Usha crossed haunted hill? Did see any ghost there?


While coming back to home, why did Usha stopped at hill?
  1. It was night
  2. It was raining
  3. Hill is a beautiful place
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It was raining






Usha saw ghosts at the haunted house
True or False
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After the rain stopped, Usha, Suresh, and Binya didn't go to their home back, why?
  1. Because it was dark
  2. Because path through cliff was broken
  3. Because they were afraid
  4. Because of storm
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Because path through cliff was broken





Tip: Think before answering.

  • When did Usha, Suresh, and Binya return to house?

    1. In night
    2. In morning
    3. In afternoon
    4. After rain stopped
    Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Why was Suresh eager to go back home?

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    He was hungry.

  • Usha, Binya, and Suresh started screaming after stumbling because

    1. They bumped into each other
    2. It was raining
    3. They were afraid of lightening
    4. They thought they bumped into ghosts
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    1. They thought they bumped into ghosts
  • Who head "goodbye" while leaving the runis?

    1. Usha
    2. Binya
    3. Suresh
    4. Noone
    Difficulty Level: Moderate


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