Gymnosperm and Angiosperm. monocotyledons and Dicotyledons Plants

Properties, Classification, and Uses of Gymnosperm and Angiosperm. Classification of angiosperm into monocotyledons and Dicotyledons. Medicinal plants and their benefits.

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Which of the following are non flowering plant?
  1. Algae
  2. Bryophytes
  3. Pteridophyte
  4. All
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In this session, we will learn about 2 categories of flowering plants:

    • Gymnosperm
    • Angiosperm



How to identify Gymnosperm?



Usage of Gymnosperm:


Classification of Gymnosperm:



How to identify Angiosperm?




If a plant has fruits, it is an angiosperm.
True or False?
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Fruits are formed from flowers and hide seed inside it.

So fruit plant are closed seed plant.



Classification of Angiosperm:




Usage of Angiosperm:

Cotton, mango, apple, teak etc are example of angiosperms.

Which of the following are true?
  1. Cotton is used in making fibres.
  2. Apple is a source of food.
  3. Mango is source of food.
  4. Cotton is a food.
  5. Teak wood is used in construction.
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 Plant Type  Root + Stem + Leaf  Vascular System   Flower/Seed  Habitat
  Thallopyta   NO   NO   NO  Water
  Bryophyta   YES   NO   NO  Both water and Land
  Pteridophyta   YES   YES   NO  Land
  Gymnosperms   YES   YES   YES (Naked Seed)  Land
  Angiosperms   YES   YES   YES (Covered Seed)  Land




Medicinal plants and benefits:



Tip: Think before answering.

  • Which of the following are cryptograms?

    1. Bryophyte
    2. Pteridophyte
    3. Gymnosperm
    4. Angiosperm
    Difficulty Level: Moderate


    They do not have seed and thus their reproduction methods are not obvious and hidden.

  • Angiosperm are naked seed plant.

    True or False.

    Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Plants can be used for medicines.

    True or False?

    Difficulty Level: Easy


    1. A = Flowering Plant
    2. B = Flowering Plant
    3. A = Non Flowering Plant
    4. B = Non Flowering Plant


    Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Angiosperm exist as big trees.

    True or False?

    Difficulty Level: Moderate


    Angiosperm can be a:

    1. Herb (Small)
    2. Shrub (Medium)
    3. Tree (Big)
  • What is the difference between cotyledon and leaf?

    Difficulty Level: Hard

    Leaf provide nutrition to plant.

    Cotyledon provide nutrition to plant at the time of germination when there are no leaves. Cotyledon is also called seed leaf.


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