How to use Digital Content at

Detailed guide of Finding the curriculum and using digital content at platform.

Learner's Guide

Find Your Curriculum:

  1. Go to curriculum tab on top of the page.
  2. Change curriculum from drop down list.
  3. Click on "star" to make the current curriculum your default curriculum.



Find Your Chapter:

  • Once you are done with curriculum, you will see the grades(classes) and respective subjects.
  • Click on your subject to see the chapters.
  • Each chapter is divided into several parts(sessions). Click on the session which you want to teach.


How to use Presentation or Content to teach:

Digital content for each session has 5 parts:

  1. Learner's Guide
  2. Simulation/Visualisation
  3. Queries
  4. Exercises
  5. Homework


Learner's Guide:

  • Whenever you open a guide for a session, first read the learner's guide.
  • Learner's guide is the text form which closely follows the textbook.
  • There are several videos which cover majority of syllabus.
How can I customise the guide?
show/hide answer


On right side of the "Learner's Guide" heading you can see the option to customise guide.


Run The Simulation:

  • Some of the learner's guide contains simulation. You can run the simulation by clicking Run on right side.
  • You can change the inputs and view from "I | O" button.
  • If outputs are defined, you can analyse the results and graphs for better understanding.



  • After completing your learner's guide, you can log student's questions and responses in student query section.
  • Clicking "more answer" will show you answers by different users to the query.
  • You can shortlist the query by clicking on shortlist query. Shortlisted queries will always appear on top of the list.



  • Simple to answer questions are included in exercise section. Click on show|hide answer to see the answer.
  • Similar to customising guide, click on right side of 'Exercise' heading to see the option of adding exercise.
  • You can modify the answer of the exercise too.



  • After completing the session, you can generate homework by clicking on "Generate Homework".
  • It will generate some 5 to 6 questions for students' self practice.



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Q: How can i access my curriculum?
~ Lohit B
Go to the 'Curriculum' tab on the top. You will see the grades of default curriculum. Change to your curriculum and select course to access digital content.
~ Lohit B
Q: Does it take more time to complete the syllabus as compared to traditional method of teaching?
~ Lohit B
There is not much difference in time taken in completing the syllabus. In addition, with inpeth's content, you get planned lessons, exercises, access to queries of different students, ready made homeworks.
~ Lohit B
Q: How much money do I have to pay to use the content at
~ Lohit B
Content is free of cost so no need to worry about any expenses.
~ Lohit B
Q: Do i have to be a technology expert to use the content?
~ Lohit B
No, You don't have to be a tech expert to access content. Content is designed based on collecting feedback from large number of teachers. This feedback helped us tailor the tool in such way that a non-tech teacher can also access the content with ease. You can watch the demo video here to learn about accessing the content:
~ Lohit B
Q: How can my students be improved using this tool?
~ Lohit B
Our content focuses on all round development of students. Our content will make students discuss, write, read, exercise, raise doubts in all the classes.
~ Lohit B
Q: What is the procedure to customise the content?
~ Lohit B