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Samples of Inpeth services for school and teachers

Learner's Guide

A student spends around 1/3rd of her time of a day in school. Our aim is to utilise this time with maximum effectiveness. To to this, we assist teachers with our innovative and easy to use online platform. Find different samples of our services below


Sample Teaching Content: 

Science: Click here.

English: Click Here

Mathematics: Click Here

History: Click Here

Geography: Click Here




Sample Quiz for a Chapter:

Sample Test|Quiz for a chapter in Grade 8


Sample Report Card (Section Analytics):

Sample Report Card for Section.

Sample Report Card for Student.

Cumulative Performance





Sample Monitoring Report:

Sample monitoring report of classroom activities.




What is the cost of using Inpeth services?
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Visit the below link to see different product categories and respective prices.

Product and Pricing




Mobile: +91-8754121871





Overall Demo:

Watch the video to see how Inpeth can be useful for you:



Our Brochure:

Click here


Our YouTube channel where you can find video content:

Inpeth content on YouTube

Why are Inpeth videos around 2 minutes long?
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Generally, students (and normal people) are more interested, motivated, curious, and active in the beginning part of anything. With time, they become passive.

For example, if you are watching 10 minute video, you will be most active during first 2-3 minutes and in next few minutes, your motivation will reduce. You will not be that excited.

By making video short, we deliver important content when student is most active and excited.

It also brings some change to otherwise a monotonous lecture.



Features for Premium Members:

1. Test and Analytics:

    • Test for Each chapter
    • Analysis at student and section level.
    • You can identify
      • which students are doing good,
      • which are not studying
      • which are studying but not able to perform
      • progress in a student's skill development 


2. Digital Content:

    • Each chapter is divided into sessions.
    • Each session is optimised to be completed in one day (period)
    • Content follows textbooks.
    • Video, Simulation, Games, Images, Inquiries
    • Class Exercises and Homework.


3. Dashboard:

Access to dashboard by Username & Password.

Student Dashboard:

      • Daily task for further study (video, games, text)
      • Revision material 
      • Reminder for tests and homework. 


Parent Dashboard:

      • Access to student's dashboard
      • Access to report cards of students
      • Access to daily classroom monitoring
      • Access to progress report.


School Dashboard:

      • Classroom Activity monitoring
      • Task monitoring
      • SMS centre
      • Attendance monitoring
      • Web-Page modification


Teacher Dashboard:

      • Access to attendance tool
      • Access to analytics tool (generate test & mark feed, and analytics)
      • Access to student's profile (limited)


4. Group SMS:

    • Send group message to grade or section
    • Send individual message
    • Access to previously sent message history



5. Attendance Tool:

    • Attendance taking is made easy.
    • Access to history (previous records)
    • Parent reporting



6. WebPage - Free Publicity:

    • About Page (Vision and Mission)
    • Staff Details
    • Admission Process, Fee structure(Optional), Age Limit
    • Contact Details
    • Gallery (Classroom, Labs, Playground, Building, Functions)
    • Announcements 



More about Inpeth:





How can I implement Inpeth at my school?
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Who is the founder?

Inpeth is founded by Mr. Lohit Bisen who is an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics in 2013.

He has always believed that education is the only way to develop a child into responsible, well aware, decision making, and opinionated citizen.

After identifying Teachers as the protagonists in the student's development process, In the beginning of 2017, he started Inpeth with the aim of assisting them.

It has been 3 years since he left his job as Software Engineer at PayPal Inc. By seeing the progress of Inpeth, it seems that his efforts are well paying off.

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