Being Safe: Section - 1

Introduction and Road Safety

Learner's Guide


Safety is essential for good health.

In this chapter, we will learn about safety measures with conversation between Prasanth, his grandfather, and his friends.






Introduction to characters and setting the scene:



At what time, conversation between grandfather and children started?
  1. Morning
  2. Afternoon
  3. Evening
  4. Night
  5. Can not say
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Children greeted grandfather with "Good afternoon" so the time should be afternoon.

 Time Period  Time  Greeting
 6 AM- 12 PM  Morning  Good Morning
 12 PM - 5 PM  Afternoon  Good afternoon
 5 PM -  8 PM  Evening  Good Evening
 8 PM - 6 AM  Night  Good Night



Conversation on Road Safety:


True or False?
Prasanth had gone to bring coffee to his friends
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Nothing mentioned about Prasanth.

He must have gone to get ready to play with his friends.


True or False?
Grandpa was so angry seeing Prasanth’s friends.
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He was worried about safety of children



True or False?
Prasanth’s friend came on by walk.
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Grandpa asked about road safety while walking on road. This suggests that everyone was on foot.



True or False?
Teacher had taught about the rules of road safety to children.
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Peter mentioned that teacher had taught them about it.



Tip: Think before answering.

  • Where do Prasanth's grandfather live ?

    1. On isladn
    2. On sea island
    3. On river island
    4. In city
    Difficulty Level: Easy

    On river isladn

  • Why did Prasanth's friend came to his grandfather's house?

    1. To talk to Prasanth
    2. To talk to grandfather
    3. To play there
    4. Ta take Prasanth with them to play
    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Ta take Prasanth with them to play

  • Which side of road one should walk on?

    1. Left
    2. Right
    3. Middle
    Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Traffic means?


    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Lot of vehicles on road.