Being Safe-Grammar: Vocabulary: Suffix, Prefix, and Syllabification

Creating new words using suffix and prefix. Dividing words into syllables.

Learner's Guide


  • In this session, we will learn to create new words using suffix and prefix.
  • We will also learn to break a word into smaller parts which helps in pronunciation.




Prefix and Suffix:

Watch the below video to learn about prefix and suffix


Find prefix in the "Misunderstanding" word?
  1. Ing
  2. Mis
  3. No Prefix
  4. Un
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Misunderstanding = Mis + Understanding


Find suffix in the "orderly" word?
  1. y
  2. "ly"
  3. No suffix
  4. "rly"
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Order + ly = orderly




Few prefixes and their meaning:


Run again = _____________________?
  1. unrun
  2. rerun
  3. disrun
  4. imrun
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"re" prefix gives meaning of again to the word.

so rerun = run again.


Underline the prefix in each word in the following list
  1. unlock
  2. rewrite
  3. dislike
  4. unsafe
  5. remix
  6. relocate
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  1. unlock (un + lock)
  2. rewrite (re + write)
  3. dislike (dis + like)
  4. unsafe (un + safe)
  5. remix (re + mix)
  6. relocate (re + locate)



Precaution while Adding Suffix:






Add suffix "ion" and create a new word from below word?
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Animate + ion = Animation.


Pick a suitable Prefix and suffix from the given box and complete the following words.
ly,  sub,  ion, re,  im
  1. _____call
  2. _____category
  3. _____proper
  4. Equal_____
  5. Construct_____
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  1. Recall (Remember)
  2. Subcategory (Secondary level)
  3. Improper (Not proper)
  4. Equally (In same proportion)
  5. Construction (Adjective)



Tip: Think before answering.