Light-08: Curved Mirrors and Image Formation

Types and Usage of Curved Mirrors. Different terminologies related to spherical Mirrors. Image formation by curved mirrors.

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  • In this session, we will learn about mirrors.
  • How images are formed by mirrors.
  • Different types of mirrors.




What is a mirror?

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Mirror is an optical instrument which reflect the light.

It is made by polishing one side of smooth object.



Types of Mirror:



Which of the following spherical mirror?

  1. Convex mirror
  2. Concave mirror
  3. Parabolic mirror
  4. Plane mirror
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  1. Convex mirror
  2. Concave mirror



Terms related to Spherical Mirror:







How do we see things?




How image is formed by mirrors?



Application of Concave Mirror:





Application of Convex Mirror:




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