Universe to home.

Universe, Galaxy, Solar system, Planets, Continents, Countries, State, District, City, street. What is a solar system made of?

Learner's Guide


  1. Understanding universe.
  2. Understanding what is solar system.




What is the address of your school?

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Address format for each line:

  1. School Name
  2. Building Number, Street Name
  3. City
  4. District
  5. Country 
  6. Pin-code


Where do all the countries are?

  1. On earth
  2. Continents
  3. Sea
  4. Land
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on earth.


Where do earth situated?

  1. in Solar system
  2. in Planet
  3. in Sun
  4. In Satellite
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In solar system.


Universe to home:





Components of solar system or star system:


Do all the stars have star system lie solar system?

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