Solar system and it's components?

Different planets in solar system and their properties.

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  1. What is solar system comprised of?
  2. What are different planets in solar system?
  3. Properties of moon.





Different planets in solar system:









Planet  Availability of water  Availability of Atmosphere Rotation Direction
 Number of natural satellites
 Mercury  No  No   West to East  0
 Venus  No  Yes (Carbon dioxide)   East to West  0
 Earth  Yes  Yes  (Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide)   West to East  1
 Mars  In the form of ice caps  Yes  (Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon)   West to East  2
 Jupiter  No  Yes (hydrogen + helium)   West to East  67
 Saturn  No  Yes (hydrogen + helium)   West to East  62
 Uranus  No  Yes (hydrogen + helium)   East to West  27
 Neptune  No  Yes (hydrogen + helium)   West to East  14


 Inner Planets  Outer Planets
 Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
 Solid and made of rocks  Made of gases, also called Gaseous Giant.


Inner Planets and Outer Planets are separated by Asteroid Belt which is found between Jupiter and Mars.


Which of the other planets is/are/can be suitable for human life?

  1. Venus
  2. Mars
  3. Neptune
  4. Titan
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  • Mars has ice caps which can be source of water
  • Mars has atmosphere
  • Mars is neither hot nor cold



Natural Satellite of Earth: Moon:




Tip: Think before answering.

  • Ring around Saturn is made of _____________

    1. Ice
    2. Rock
    3. Gas
    4. Light
    5. Dust particle
    Difficulty Level: Moderate



    dust particle

  • Mercury is nearest to Sun and thus it is hottest planet.

    True or False?

    Difficulty Level: Moderate


    Mercury is nearest but it does not have atmosphere.

    On the other hand, Venus has atmosphere made of carbon dioxide which traps the heat and thus it is the hottest planet.

  • Which of the following planets have ring around them?

    1. Jupiter
    2. Mars
    3. Saturn
    4. Neptune
    5. Uranus


    Difficulty Level: Moderate


    Saturn has very thick ring but Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune too have ring but not as thick as Saturn.

  • Why do we see same side of moon from our home every time even though it rotates around it's own axis?

    Difficulty Level: Hard

    Since moon has same revolution period as rotational period, every time each reaches a point, same side of appears.