Algae and Fungi

Properties, Types, and Uses of Algae. Properties, Types, Benefits, and Diseases of Fungi.

Learner's Guide


How to identify algae?


What is reproduction?
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Re = Again

Production = Create something.


Process of bringing new organisms(baby) to the world is called reproduction.



Reproduction in Algae:


Classification of Algae:


Usage of Algae:





How to identify Fungi?


Is fungus a plant?
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Plant produce their own food but fungi do not.


Classification of fungi:



Economic Importance of Fungi:



What products are formed when yeast feed on sugar?
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Fungi are also used in producing alcohol and wines at industrial stage.



Diseases caused by fungi in Plants:




Diseases caused by fungi in Animals:




Tip: Think before answering.

  • All the algae are autotrophs.

    True or False?

    Difficulty Level: Moderate


    Algae can be symbiont, epiphytes, or autotrophs.

  • All the algae are green in colour.

    True or False?

    Difficulty Level: Moderate


    Algae are found in green,  brown, red, blue-green colours

  • Both fungi and algae are classified under: _______________

    1. Bryophytes
    2. Thallophytes
    3. Pteridophyte
    4. Gymnosperm
    5. All
    Difficulty Level: Easy


    All the plants which do not have stem, root, leaf are classified under Thallophytes.

  • Single cell protein is _______________

    1. Protein with single cell organism
    2. Protein obtained from single cell organisms
    3. Protein obtained from algae
    4. Protein obtained from fungi
    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    Protein obtained from single cell organisms

  • Aseptate Hyphae with multiple nucleus  is called _________________ mycelium

    1. septate mycelium
    2. aseptate mycelium
    3. coenocytic mycelium.
    4. All
    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    1. coenocytic mycelium.
  • Solve by analogy

    Plant: Vascular Bundle ::  Fungus:_____________

    Difficulty Level: Moderate


    Vascular bundle transport nutrients

    Similarly, hyphae transports nutrients in fungus.


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