Being Safe: Section - 2

Protection from Sun

Learner's Guide


In this session, we will learn:

    • importance of outdoor activities
    • about sun stoke and how to protect ourselves from it


Following Slideshow is for students to read:




Now watch the video and pay attention to how to pronounce the word and meaning of them:




They had come to play under the shade of big ____________.?
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neem tree


We should put on ____________ to avoid sun burn.?
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_________ is a more serious health related illness.?
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sun stoke


Mani’s mother had instructed him not to roam in sin light between ______ and _____.?
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12 PM and 3 PM


Street smart means _____________.?
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to have the knowledge to be with difficulties and dangers.





Synonym and antonym:



Choose correct synonym for bold, italic and underlined word:?

Dixie was feeling very exhausted.

  1. Joy
  2. Wounded
  3. Tired
  4. Rejoiced
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Joy = Happiness

Wounded = Injured

Tired = Exhausted

Rejoiced = Great joy or happiness


Answer = Tired

Exhausted word is used in showing extreme tiredness.



Choose correct synonym for bold italic and underlined word:?

The neem tree was a big antique in his garden

  1. Modern
  2. Ancient
  3. Updated
  4. Outdated
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Modern = Of current age/time

Ancient = Old or belong to very old time

Updated = Renewed

outdated = expired or not updated


Answer = ancient

ancient represents something of very old time whereas outdated means near past thing.



Choose correct synonym for bold italic and underlined word:?

Praveen got sun stroke.

  1. Fever
  2. Nerves
  3. Unconscious
  4. Tired
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Fever = A disease in which body temperature increases

Nerves = cells carrying signal to and from brain

Unconscious = Passed out, not aware or awake

Tired = No energy


Answer = Fever

Sun stroke is a disease which is similar to fever.



Choose correct synonym for bold italic and underlined word:?

Heat exhaustion prevails.

  1. widespread
  2. not visible
  3. exposive
  4. hidden
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widespread = spread to wide or large area

Not visible = hidden

exposive = "no such word"

hidden = can not be seen


Answer = widespread

Heat exhaustion is widespread or prevails.




Tip: Think before answering.

  • Why did Mani's mother asked him to not go outside between 10 AM to 3 PM?

    1. Because it was lunch time
    2. Because it was hot outside
    3. Because she doesn't want him to play
    4. Because she needed him for some work.
    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Because it was hot outside

  • Write down 2 practices one should follow to protect oneself from heat of sun while playing?

    Difficulty Level: Moderate
    1. Use sunscreen
    2. Take break in shades
  • What is sun stroke?

    Difficulty Level: Moderate

    In heat, when body can not cool fast enough, it is called sun stroke.


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