Frequently Asked Questions

How can I setup inpeth in classroom?

You will require following devices:

  • A Projector or Big Screen TV.
  • A Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop.
  • Internet connection.
  • Speakers for good audio.

We can also help you make your classrooms Inpeth ready.

Does it take more time to complete the syllabus using inpeth's content?
No, time taken, using our content, is comparable to traditional teaching methodology. Following features make our content fast:
  • Preplanned lessons.
  • Readymade diagrams.
  • Explanation videos for complex concepts.
  • Our content keeps students engaged.
How is content at inpeth different from textbook?
Our content follows closely with textbooks. We empower teachers with various technological resources. Highlights of our Content:
  • Summary and Motivation videos.
  • Inquiry based visualized content.
  • Chapters are divided into sessions.
  • Classwork exercises.
  • Homeworks.
  • Solution of textbook exercise
  • Can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
Do I have to be a technology expert to teach with Inpeth's content?
No, a newbie to technology can also access the content with ease. Inpeth is designed after collecting feedback from large number of teachers thus 'Easy to Use' is an inbuilt feature.
For which subjects, can I access the content?
We are providing content for TN State Board. As of now, content for Science subject in grade 6,7,8 can be accessed.
How can I generate homework?

To generate homework follow the below steps:

  • Go to session.
  • Access guide.
  • Click of generate homework
How can I analyze student’s performance?
How can I create student, parent, and teachers account?
How can I mark session complete?
How can I view textbook?
How can I customize content?
How can I view answers to homework questions?
How can I assign subjects to a teacher?
How can I make a teacher section head?
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How can I update student info?
How to take attendance?
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How to shortlist exercise for HW?
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What is the procedure to test correction?
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