Features and Services

Content For Teaching

We make use of psychology and technology in developing our content. Our content closely follows with textbook syllabus. Our main focus on providing deep knowledge of subject. Content at inpeth has following content:
  1. Visualization in the form of Simulation, Videos, Animated GIFs, and Images.
  2. Inquiry based text content.
  3. Query section to explore students' queries.
  4. Exercise Section to validate class learning.
  5. Homework for self practice and study.
  6. Syllabus Management.


Test & Analytics

Tests at inpeth are designed to evaluate different skill levels of students while maintaining the focus on syllabus. After each chapter, teacher can generate test, print and distribute to students.

By tests, teachers will be able to accomplise following tasks:
  1. Basic practice for tests..
  2. Skill evaluation.
  3. Revision of topics.

We also provide analytics tool. Teachers can get following statistics from it:

  1. Skills which require further development.
  2. Growth of student over time.
  3. Performance Comparision.
  4. Study Material for improvement.



We value the knowledge possessed by teachers and schools. There are functionalities where teachers can modify the content as they require. Below things can be modified on inpeth website:

  1. Teaching Content.
  2. Exercise Answer.

We encourage teachers to add content as well. Teachers can add below new items on the website.

  • Exercise.
  • Student's Query.
  • Suggestions.

Watch the below video to learn more about customization.

Self Study Material For Students

  • Daily tasks
  • Reminder for tests
  • Revision materials

Watch the Demo to access self study material

Monitoring Tool

With our monitoring tool, parents and school management can monitor classroom activities. Below are few things that can be monitored

  • Content Taught With
  • Classwork and Homework
  • Test Commenced
  • Attendance Percentage
  • Self Study Material

Watch the Demo

SMS Tool

With our sms tool, message can be send to group and individual student.

Watch the Demo

Attendance Tool

  • Easy to use attendance tool.
  • Access on mobile, tablet, laptop etc.
  • Previous records can also be accessed.



Schools can create their own webpage and increase awareness among parents and people about their brand.

Features of webpage:

  • Announcements
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Staff details
  • Admission Procedure and Fee Structure
  • Contact Details

Watch the Demo


Student Dashboard

  • Username-Password for each student.
  • Access to dashboard.
  • Daily tasks, reminder for tests, revision materials.

Below video demonstrate the procedure to add section and student for a grade.

Parents Dashboard

  • Username-Password
  • Access to student's dashboard.
  • Weekly reports.
  • Report cards and performance reviews

Below video demonstrate the procedure to add section and student for a grade.

Teacher Dashboard

  • Username-Password
  • Access to dashboard.
  • Performance analysis.
  • Weekly reports.
  • Easy attendance management.

Create teachers' account with ease.

School Dashboard

  • Unlimited student, parent, and teacher accounts.
  • Access to student and teacher dashboard.
  • Weekly reports.
  • Send SMS to student, section, and grade.

Learn to create teachers' account by watching the below video.