Skill Development

To develope all the below skills, we not only use technology but psychology as well. Our content is a perfect blend of technology and psychology. Technology makes it easy for teachers to convey the meaning, test and track various skill development of students. Whereas psychology helps in making learning stick for life.

Sole motivation of all the content and functionality of inpeth is to make students future ready. By following our content, teachers will find it easy to achieve their goals of developing students into responsible, well aware, decision making, and opinionated citizens of our country.

We believe that deep understanding is the only way to remove rote learning and thus our content mostly focuses on "Why and How" approach.

How Inpeth develops different skills required for problem solving


Reading is most basic skill required for solving problem. Good Reading skills always help in understanding fast.

Everyone knows 2+2 is equals to 4. It is very easy because we can read "2+2" but if i ask same question in chinese as 两个+两个, you will be unable to answer this question even though it is most easy problem out there. If you can't read, you will not be able to solve easiest of problems.

  • The more you read, the more your reading skill develops.
  • If you are a beginer, start reading books on topic that you like. If you like stories, read some good stories, if you like science, read interesting and easy to understand books on science.
  • Inpeth's content is designed which appeal to the reading skills of student. Content enables teacher to make students read in the class easily.
  • Homework forces student to read syllbus books to find answers.
  • Our Tests forcuses on identifying shortcoming in students' reading and suggests steps to be taken to improve further.


Writing is a way to represent your thoughs, opinions, solutions etc.. If you can not write properly, you will have problems explaining various things.

  • The more you write, the more your writing skill develops.
  • In schools, essays are asked to write so that students can practise writing at home. Try writing essays at home and your writing skills will develope.
  • Homework generated at inpeth has to be written by students and thus they write at school.
  • After each chapter, we test writing skills of student and thus help teachers find shortcomings of students.


Listenign is also very much required in learnig process. If you are a good listener, you can understand easily.

Most of the time in classrooms, mode of learning involves listening to teacher or video lessons etc. Students might get distracted and not able to follow teacher properly and it might result in lack of interest by student in learning.

  • After each session, students are asked question based on whatever taught during the class. This encourages student to pay attention and listen carefully to the teacher. Thus help in developing listening skills.
  • Lots of videos and vizualisations are included in content to maintain hight engagement level.
  • Inquiries in the content keeps students interested in lessons.
  • Our content is always projected on screen and thus it is easy for a student to follow even if he or she has missed something while listening.


Comprehension includes two steps:

  • Reading
  • Making Sense of what you read.

For Example, if you are asked the meaning of "English French Teacher", if you are able to comprehend you will realise that there can be 2 meanings of this sentence:

  1. Teacher of French who is from England
  2. Teacher of English who is from French

By comprehending, you will be able to understand the properties, correlation between sentences in the passage.

  • Content of each session is designed where questions and discussions are included to practice comprehension skill.
  • Our tests have dedicated questions on comprehension to gauge the level of student's competence.


This skill works after you have comprehended the information. Let's take the previous example where meaning of "English French Teacher" was asked. In analysing, we use various facts and information to come up with correct answer.

Analysis of above sentence can be done like:

  • French is closer to teacher word.
  • Teacher is a Noun.
  • An adjective is generally placed near to a noun.
  • So "french teacher" is a noun and English is a adjective.
  • Answer should be: Teacher of French who is from England.

While analysing, other facts are used to reach the final interpretation.

  • Content of each session is designed to make student think and connect different facts to reach final answer.
  • Our Homework forces students to connect previously learnt concepts to solve current problems.
  • As always, our tests are there to gauge and help teacher identify students' level of competence.

Problem Breakdown

Solving a big problem is very hard but breaking a big problem into small problem and solving smaller problems individually is easy. Beaking down big problems into small problems is required skill in solving problems in academics and real life.

Solving 17 x 19 + (800 / 400) x 9 + 69 - 41 looks very hard but if we break it down into smaller problems, makes this memoth problem easy to solve.

  • First Solve a = (17 x 19) = 323
  • Then Solve b = (800 / 400) x 9 = 18
  • Then Solve c = (69 - 41) = 28
  • final answer is a+b+c = 369
  • In some homework, we give hard problems which can be solved easily by breaking it down into small problems. Next day, teacher can explain the solution which they get as part of inpeth's content.
  • As always, our tests are there to help teachers to monitor the growth of this skill.


This is the most underrated skill in problem solving. All the problems whether in academics or in real life required previously learnt knowledge. By memorization, we store information which can be used in solving problems. Not only it helps in solving problems, it speeds up the problem solving process.

For example, if you want to solve 7699803 + 8921087, we need to know the sum of single digits such as 7 + 3, 8+0, 9+1, 7+8. Without knowing these sums, we can not solve the problem. You must have noticed that you used memorized knowledge to solve the above problems. Also you never counted 7+3, as you already know it is 10 because, this is also stored in memory.

Almost every problem we solve, we use memorization skill in one way other.

  • One or two questions in our homework can only be solved by borrowing knowledge from previous chapters and concepts thus promotes memorization.
  • Content has some fact based questions which can be solved only if you have memorized the facts.
  • As usual, our tests help teachers in monitoring this skill developement in students.


This skill works with memorization. Once you remember the memorized knowledge, next thing is to compare this knowledge with the problem at hand.

For example: If you know how to find area of a rectangle with length equals to A and breadth equals to B. Area of such rectangle is AxB. Now if you see a problem where you were asked to find area of rectange with length 5 and breadth equals 4. To solve this, you will recall that area of rectangle is length x breadth and by comparision, you will put length as 5 and breadth as 4. Now you will multiply both length and breadth and get the area as 20.

Learnign to compare things can help students a lot in solving problems.

  • Homework and test are incorporated with problems which specifically develope comparision skill.
  • Teacher can make use of solution which describes different skills which were used in solving problem.
  • Our analysis of tests help in identifying whether student's are able to compare problem with a already solved problem.

Decesion Making

This skill is helpful in deciding between two equivalent situation by using other skills and knowledge. This skill also help in finding differences between various options.

Choose the correct meaning of "English French Teacher"?

  1. A teacher teaching french and english language.
  2. A teacher teaching french and belongs to England.
  3. A teacher teaching english and belongs to France.
  4. A teacher who belongs to both France and England.
Above problem is example of various problems where decesion making skills are required to solve the problem.
  • At inpeth, there are large collection of problems which forces student to make choice between various closely related options.
  • Analysis of tests help in monitoring developement of this skill with time.

Shallow Understanding

As name suggests, superficial knowledge of something is shallow understanding. Let's see the characteristics of a shallow understanding of lightening.

When asked, how lightening works, a student with shallow knowledge will answer that lightening are cuased by transfer of charge. This student will not be able to answer:

  • What is the nature of this charge? (positive or negative)
  • Charges move towards land or from land?
  • Why does lightening travel from sky to land?

Student with shallow knowledge will be able to state that putting a lightening arrester will help in keeping house safe from lightening but he or she will not be able to answer the working mechanism behind it.

Person with shallow knowledge, face problems in answering "Why" and "How" questions.

  • Our content, irresptive of class, focuses on complete knowledge of topic. Various videos and vizualizations are incorporated so that students can learn basic principles with ease.
  • Lots of exercise questions are of "Why" and "How" type and encourages students to persue the topic further.
  • As usual, our tests are there for you to know whether students have shallow or deep knowledge about a certain topics.

Deep Understanding

A person with deep knowledge understands the basic principles behind a phenomenon or concept. A student with deep knowledge knows the answer of "Why" and "How" type of questions.

It is believed that deep understanding is the most effective method to store something permanently in the memory. You can recall about concepts which you have deep understanding of even though you leant them years ago.

  • Our content, first sets up the motivation before starting a chapter. Thus gives clear picture of topic.
  • Our content concludes the chapter with a conclusion video and further helps students learn at home with different resources.
  • We provide videos on basic concepts so that students can relate between their existing knowledge and currently leaning concepts.
  • We provide relation between chapters and classes which help students connect different concepts together.


Opinions are suggestions given by students which may or may not be correct. For example: before teaching about lightening, you can ask students to guess the causes fo lightening. Opinions of students can be:

  1. Lightening is caused because of collision of clouds.
  2. Lightening is caused by friction between air in sky.
  3. Lightening is caused by transfer of charges.

Opinions are not always correct. It can be a random guess based on whatever knowledge a person possesses. For example:

  • A person, who observs that lightening strikes only when there are clouds, can say that it is caused by collision between clouds.
  • A person, who knows that air is made of particles and when two particles combine together, due to friction a spark is formed. This person will choose the second option.
  • A person who knows that charge get separated in clouds will opine the 3rd option.
  • Large portion of our content is based on inquiry. While teaching, teacher can inquire easily and wait for students to think, discuss, and give their opinion on the it.
  • Homework forces students to come up with their own answers and thus develops this skill.
  • We want student to have their own opinion on matters. This skill is very much helpful in day to day life.

Self Study

In schools, student are taught in classes by various teachers. At home, most of their decesions are taken by parents. But in industries and higher institution, students have to learn things on their own. This is where self study or self learning skills come into play.

  • After each class, homeworks are given to students. Questions in homework require student to read books to find answers thus their self study skill gets developed.
  • In tests, we include some questions which can be answered only when students have studied on their own.
  • Teachers can make use of anylytics tool to see the trend of this skill development in students.