Vision and Mission

The fundamental purpose of school is to provide education to students and they achieve this through teachers. Teachers are the central point of whole school ecosystem and thus they are irreplaceable.

There are lot of challenges in the area of school education. One of the most challenging problem is to find subject expert teacher.

We, at Inpeth, believe that empowering teachers can solve most of the problems that schools, parents, students, and teachers face in today's time.

In very old days, there were teachers and not that many books. With population rise, a process was developed where teachers were given books for a reference and use their skills to teach. With time, one more process was developed and this process is Rote Learning.

Rote learning is followed in today's time because it works. You can score good grades just by mugging up syllabus. But rote learning can never fulfill the purpose of education which incorporates not only memorization but also various other skills. Learn more about other skills.

There can be various solutions to eradicate rote learning. I am listing few of them:
  1. Making students think by asking question.
  2. Giving new sets of problems which pushes students out of their comfort zone.
  3. Providing opportunities for self learning.
  4. In addition to academic learning, testing and evaluating different skills.
Specially, In India, there is a huge scarcity of expert teachers and there are multitude of reasons for this problem. At Inpeth, we have developed a process which achieves 2 things at the same time:
  1. Following our teaching process leads to holistic development of students irrespective of teacher's subject expertise.
  2. With time, teacher also learns through content and becomes subject expert.